Thursday, 14 May 2015

The UK Entreprises Encouraged to Explore the Potential Market in Vietnam

In addition to improvement of the business environment in Vietnam, Deputy Foreign Minister Hugo Swire also affirmed that Vietnam and UK will plan to raise awareness for the UK investors about potential business market in Vietnam.
Talking to the press after the Vietnam – UK 4th annual strategic dialogue in Hanoi today (February 27th), Mr. Hugo Swire said, one of the highlights of the conference is how to strengthen bilateral trade relations.  According to him, a number of the businesses of the UK have succeeded in Vietnam but the UK wants more and more enterprises to be successful in Vietnam in the future.  To do this, the improvement in business environment is one of the problems the UK stressed many times before. Mr. Hugo Swire said that transparency and openness of Vietnam are still big challenges affecting the decision for UK enterprises to invest in Vietnam.  Besides, another fact acknowledged by Mr Hugo Swire is that many businesses in the UK have not understood the potential markets in Vietnam.
Therefore, during the dialogue taken place today, he said, Vietnam and the UK have discussed a program to raise awareness of UK businesses in London to Vietnam market.  According to Mr Hugo Swire, the completion of free trade agreement between Vietnam and the EU will open up many prospects to attract British investors to Set-up company in Vietnam.
“These problems, if be solved, they will bring to resonance as well as open new horizons for UK businesses to enter into Vietnam,” said Deputy Foreign Minister.
Reviewing more specific about the Vietnam market, he also said, high-end consumer goods is one of the prioritized potentials for businesses of both countries.
According to him, many designers in the UK now want to introduce products to Vietnam and this may be a priority in the coming time. According to him, four other areas in which the Uk interested are education, energy, especially nuclear energy, health, transportation and infrastructure.
According to Mr Hugo Swire, a detailed plan to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries on these issues will be discussed in more detail at the annual meeting of the Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation in the future.
Also on bilateral cooperation, Deputy Foreign Minister said the capital of official development assistance (ODA) will end in 2016 but the UK is committed to continue the support for Vietnam by other methods.
One of the forms of assistance is Newton fund currently being deployed in Vietnam to invest in the fields of science and technology, particularly creative ideas, innovation.
According to Hugo Swire, the UK and Vietnam are still under discussion for formal cooperation framework to help the Newton fund operating efficiently. However, representatives from the UK said, one of the activities of the program is the exchange of scientists between the two countries , thus supporting the implementation of the research to develop economics and society.
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