Wednesday, 6 April 2016


The the real estate industry in 2015 have beee influenced by foreign investors and easier access to credit source.
With the credit easing policies, foreigners are allowed to buy houses in Vietnam and the infrastructure development has been the driving force for the recovery of the real estate market in 2015. The real estate industry outlook in 2015 will come from foreign investors and the easier access to credit source. Then, the B and C class apartment segment with prices ranging from 50,000 USD/apartments with full infrastructure, near the metro will attract attention in 2015.
Credit easing policy and interest rates on deposits and loans are at their lowest in 3 years; therefore, this is a good time to invest. Moreover, changes in Circular 36 will help reducing the risk factors for real estate loans, thereby creating more room for credit loan and lending rates are at their lowest in 3 years will encourage real estate businesses continue to develop projects to serve the increasing demand. It is expected that low interest rates will make the cash flow moving into other investment channels such as real estate.
Foreigners now can own houses are also the catalyst for the real estate market in 2015. Currently with nearly 80,000 foreigners are working in Vietnam, the home owning is expected to be a catalyst for the real estate market to become more active in 2015.
In addition, the lending conditions for the 30,000 billion VND lending package will be simplified, thereby helping to speed up the disbursement of this package in 2015.
The year 2015 witnesses the return of speculators, private investors in the real estate market. Mainly the apartments in segment A and B are their targets when the price of those segment decreased by 20 -25% compared with the peak of the market.
Besides, the development of infrastructure is also the motivation for the growth of the real estate market. With the expectation that in 2015 the Government will maintain the spending of over 3 billion USD for infrastructure, construction and expansion of roads, railways, power grids…, that will actively support the development of real estate market. The most obvious evidence is the construction of Metro no.1 in 2014 has attracted more real estate projects on the path of the Metro line.
Some notably infrastructure projects in 2015:
+ Complete Nhat Tan Bridge: The Ring Road 2 connect with the Nhat Tan Bridge will help reducing the travel time around Hanoi as well as connecting to Noi Bai International Airport. This will be a positive landmark for real estate projects in the  northwest corridor of the capital.
+ Complete the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway: The 106 km long highway linking Hanoi and Hai Phong – the largest port city in Northern of Vietnam will help real estate projects in Long Bien and Gia Lam becomes more vibrant.
+ Complete the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) – Dau Giay highway and continue building the Ring Road 2 in HCMC will help the real estate projects in the Eastern of the city (District 2, 9, Thu Duc) becomes more attractive.
+ Construction of Ben Luc – Long Thanh highway: This is a part of Ring Road 3 that will connect Long An to Long Thanh International Airport in the future without having to go through the central districts of HCMC. The project is expected to help improving the real estate market in the Southern of HCMC.
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